Selfless Contribution 捨身奉獻

How Chai Eng 劉彩英

1961 ~ 2018

95th Silent Mentor


" 希望在往生后,可以把身體捐作有意義的事業,



quoted on 9 July 2014 ; passed away peacefully on 10 Aug 2018

  25th Silent Mentor Workshop 15-20/01/2019    

Ng Peng Yee, James 吳炳余

1945 ~ 2018

94th Silent Mentor


" Lived life to the fullest, 

it was now up to the medical students 

to utilize this opportunity to learn from my body

to the fullest     

quoted on 3 Sept 2018 ; passed away peacefully on 3 Sept 2018

  25th Silent Mentor Workshop 15-20/01/2019      

Lee Meng 李明

1944 ~ 2018

93rd Silent Mentor


" May each one of you strive to excel in your 

medical journey to be of help and 

benefit the society at large. 

May you not forget the noble calling to be a doctor, 

not swayed by profits but to be selfless in serving 

the poor and the needy. 

Be courageous and wishing each one of you 

the very best in your endeavour  

quoted on 31 Dec 2016 ; passed away peacefully on 4 Sept 2018

  25th Silent Mentor Workshop 15-20/01/2019

Tan Ah Soo @ Tan Soo Tin 陳素珍

1942 ~ 2018

92nd Silent Mentor


great doctors to treat and save lives  

" Hope that all future medical students will become 

quoted on 1 Oct 2017 ; passed away peacefully on 16 Aug 2018

 25th Silent Mentor Workshop 15-20/01/2019