Students Comment 學生心得

37th Silent Mentor Workshop 05-10/03/2024

Mosammat Nazmun Nahar (UM_MIA190704)


The Silent Mentor Program has been an eye-opening experience for me. Over the past week, we had the opportunity to sharpen our surgical skills and our knowledge of human anatomy. This program also cultivated our sense of empathy through the home visit, learning about the life stories of our Silent Mentors, and the gratitude, coffining and sending off ceremonies. I am forever indebted to our Silent Mentors for their selfless donation of their bodies for the purposes of our learning. I am grateful to the Silent Mentor Centre staff and volunteers for taking care of us this past one week. Last but not least, I am grateful to our doctors who have taken the time out of their busy schedules to teach us about the various surgical procedures. Thank you.



Nur Irdina Binti Shaik Adam (UM_MIA190082)


Turn A Loss To A Gift - The perfect words to describe the Silent Mentor Program because our mentors have gifted us with a learning experience which I will treasure forever. Besides gaining useful knowledge through this program, I was able to witness the last rites that was performed for each mentor, and I felt deeply touched and emotional. At that time, the only thing I could think of was how brave our mentors are. This program reminded me of the reason I chose to become a doctor. Our mentors’ contribution has allowed me to develop skills, confidence, and motivation to keep going and give back to the society. I hope the Silent Mentor Program will continue to provide opportunities like this to other medical students and aspiring health professionals.



Lee Zhi Min (UM_MIA190053)


It was a blessing to be able to join the Silent Mentor Program. Before joining the program, from what I’ve heard about it, I knew that I would be given opportunities to perform simple surgical procedures on the mentors but what I got at the end of the day was beyond practical skills and knowledge. I’ve learnt the heart of gratitude and respect through the way we treat the mentors during the whole program, and such is the way we should treat every other patient we meet in the future. I am grateful to all the Silent Mentors for the generous sacrifice they’ve invested into our lives so that we can be skillful and responsible doctors in the future, to serve the community well.



Bong Yun Lin (UM_MIA190532)


As a young medic immersed in the profound journey of understanding human anatomy through the invaluable gift of our mentor’s sacrifice, I find myself enveloped in waves of gratitude and reflection. This program transcends mere education; it's a testament to the ultimate act of generosity and trust. Each time silence filled the air during our 1-minute prayer paying respect to our mentor, the meaning behind their devotion and dedication gets louder. Through their altruism, every incision that pierced through their skin, they continue to educate and inspire future generations of healers. The solemnity of this experience humbles me, instilling a great sense of responsibility and reverence for all my patients, sick or well. Memories of this unparalleled experience will be forever etched in our hearts.



See Li Qyan (UM_MIA190100)


Participating in the Silent Mentor Program has been an incredibly profound experience for me in ways I never imagined. I was a volunteer for the previous Silent Mentor Program, I’m fortunate enough to join this program for the third time, except that this time I joined as a participant.


Being a participant was definitely a huge difference from being a volunteer. Reason being participants are required to take charge of their Silent Mentor from the beginning such as receiving and preserving mentor’s body until the end with coffining and sending off ceremony. On the other hand, volunteers will only need to attend the program on certain dates.


Every morning, as I approached the mentor's body to clean it, I was overwhelmed by a mix of emotions—respect, humility, and a profound sense of connection. Despite their silence, I felt as though the mentors were speaking to me, teaching me important lessons about life, compassion, and the fragility of existence. Cleaning the mentor's body became more than just a task. It was a sacred ritual, a way for me to express my gratitude for the invaluable gift they had bestowed upon us. With each gentle tap of cotton gauze, I found myself reflecting on the beauty and dignity of the human form until the last moment. With the increasing number of stiches and bleeds, I felt sad but with a deep sense of respect for her bravery and grace.


But the learning didn't stop there. Through the Silent Mentor Program, I had the opportunity to delve deep into the study of medical procedures and human anatomy, guided by the mentors. But more than just learning about medical procedures, I learned about the importance of empathy, compassion, and gratitude. The mentors taught me that life is a precious gift, one that should never be taken for granted. Their selfless act of donation reminded me of the importance of giving back to others, of making a difference in the lives of those around us.


Life is always full of surprises as it unfolds. It was during the closing ceremony only then I found out Madam Tang was my college classmate’s grandmother. After graduating from college, I lost contact with my classmate for few years due to different course and university enrolment. I was relieved that we both still recognized each other undoubtedly, and she was glad that my team and I were handling her grandmother’s body. I believed this is fate that has brought us back together where our friendship was reconnected. We cherished our time in Xiao En Memorial Park.


Participating in the Silent Mentor Program has been a deeply humbling and enriching experience. It has reminded me of the uncertainty and fate of life, and the importance of cherishing every moment we have with our loved ones. I am eternally grateful to the mentors for their generosity and their invaluable teachings, and I will carry their lessons with me always.



Chong Ro Xuan (UM_MIA190027)









皮克斯的动画电影—《Coco 寻梦环游记》说,死亡不是终点,被世界遗忘才是。老师们没有失去生命,只是作为碳基生命体,我们躲不过回归碳循环,然后走出了时间。以后他们化成风、化成雨、化成星星和吹过耳边的思念,会在我们执起手术刀的时候,会在我们复习人体构造的时候出现,会在另一个维度上继续伴我们茁壮成长。至少在我们的记忆尺度上,马秉老师、王金山老师、邓桂英老师和梁志老师可以是永恒的,生命是可以延续的。那句从头到尾都来不及当面说的感谢,我会好好背上,往后会贯穿整个职业生涯来实践。



Shum Wai Seng (UM_MIA190105)


Looking back for the past 1 week the Silent Mentor Program had been held, I can’t help but be grateful to had been given the opportunity to participate. It all begins with the home visit to our mentor, Madam Tang Kooi Ying’s family home in Kemayan, Pahang, it was a long journey deep into the outskirt of Pahang. There, we greeted the family members and had a talk with them about the life of our mentor, the hardships, and fond memories they had of her. It helps us connect with our mentor to know her as a person rather than a medical issue to solve. During the entire week when the program was held, we prepare our mentor every morning and evening for her lesson to the participants. The routine has thought me a lot about the respect we need to show them for their selfless sacrifice to further medical knowledge. When it was our turn for the teaching session, I had learnt a lot of new skills such as intubation and chest tube insertion which will help me to become a safe doctor in the future. During the last day of the program, we send off our mentor to Xiao En crematorium in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan and bid farewell to our beloved mentor who had taught us a lot even in their silence. Overall, this program had sharpened my medical skills as well as my empathy towards my patients, to treat them with respect and gratitude.



Shamalan A/L Santhiran (UM_MIA190101)


Silent Mentor is a program I have been wanting to get my turn of participation since the day I got to know about it. I was always fascinated by the beauty of human anatomy which is one of the main reasons for taking on this course. I was always fascinated by the task of performing live saving procedures. However, as a medical student we are required to learn certain non-fatal procedures. Performing invasive procedures on a live patient needs knowledge and skills so that we will not make patients’ condition worse. This program has given a wonderful opportunity to practice procedures on our mentor. Apart from gaining medical knowledge, Silent Mentor has emphasised on humanity and compassion. Activities such as home visit and gratitude ceremony has shown me the importance of showing compassion. Family members have been supportive since first day too, even when they had to delay their final rituals and await for a closure. This selfless act by our mentor has inspired me to serve everyone to the best of my abilities.

Alvin Ewe Tze Zin (UM_MIA190010)


Participating in the Silent Mentor Program has been an incredibly profound and enriching experience that has significantly deepened my understanding and appreciation of the medical field. Through this program, I had the unique opportunity to hone my practical surgical skills, including intubation, chest tube insertion, and bladder drainage, under the guidance of Silent Mentors who generously donated their bodies for medical education. This selfless act of contribution has not only provided me with invaluable hands-on experience but has also instilled in me a deep sense of gratitude and responsibility.


I am immensely touched and inspired by the Silent Mentors' altruism. Their silent teachings remind us of the importance of empathy, respect, and compassion in medicine—qualities that are crucial for any healthcare professional. These mentors, in their silence, have taught me more than just technical skills; they have imparted lessons on the sanctity of life, the importance of patient care, and the profound impact a doctor can have on the lives of individuals and their families.


Reflecting on this experience, I am more committed than ever to approach my future medical career with a heightened sense of duty, empathy, and respect for the patients I will serve. The Silent Mentor Program has truly been a cornerstone in my medical education, shaping me not just into a more skilled practitioner, but into a more compassionate and thoughtful human being. Again, thank you to all the mentors, the SMP team (Prof Saw, Mr Sia, Ms Se Woon), and my great colleagues.



Afiqah Aliah Binti Supri (UM_MIA190005)


Silent Mentor Program has been an eye opener for me. Before joining, I often questioned why my colleagues would say that they feel somewhat attached to their mentors. With time, I understood why. It is unfortunate that we meet our mentors when they are no longer with us, but at the same time, the time spent together in moments of silence was very meaningful. For them to donate their body for our benefit took a lot of courage and bravery. Having to take care of our mentors throughout the entire week made me realize that empathy goes a long way. They may not be with us spiritually, but we still must respect them. It was no doubt that we should use that opportunity to its fullest capacity, and I think we managed to achieve it. With the workshops provided for us, personally I think that I benefited a lot from the workshop in brushing up my skills that before this was only learned theoretically. It gave me more confidence throughout the whole process even if it was just a practical session. All in all, it was a worthwhile experience, and I will forever remember this. Thank you to all the mentors and their family for this chance.



Syasya Husna Binti Mohd Sofi (UM_MIA190115)


I’ve been looking forward for this program as it seems like a fun yet educative experience. After joining this program, I’ve realized that it is so much more than just having a hands-on experience and learning new procedures. The Silent Mentor Program taught me a lot on the meaning of empathy, respect, and professionalism. Being able to experience this with my friends and seeing everyone work together to give a proper send off to our mentors were an amazing and emotional experience. I will always be forever grateful to my Silent Mentor and the opportunities given as a participant of this program.



Ng Kai Jian (UM_MIA190507)


Silent Mentor Program has always been one of the most anticipated programs to join as a medical student from Universiti Malaya. I’m extremely grateful to be given this learning opportunity. Prior to joining this program, I have always perceived it to enhance my surgical skills. However, after attending the program, I’ve realised that Silent Mentor Program provides so much more than just improving our clinical skills. It has taught me to treat human body with utmost respect and gentleness, to be humane while giving care to patients and to communicate with their relatives with empathy. Overall, it was a fruitful learning experience to me, I would love to join similar programs in the future.



Leong Jing Yi (UM_MIA190136)


Initially when signing up for the Silent Mentor Program, I thought it would just be a program for me to practice my clinical skills. However, what I was not prepared for was how it has impacted me emotionally also. Although I have never met my mentor Mr Ong, I felt as if he was my own grandfather and was very sad to see him go. I have a huge respect to all the mentors as they selflessly offer their bodies for the advancement of medical education.

Witnessing suchenerosity has instilled in me a renewed sense of compassion and empathy towards others, and I believe it has impacted me in such a way that will help me in my future career as a medical doctor.


Joining this program has been a transformative journey that has enriched my personal and professional life in myriad ways. I am very grateful to be given this rare opportunity. My mentor’s last words to us were ‘If patients feel that their doctors care about them, healing is already being administered without prescription’. As I continue this path, I will keep this in mind in my future practice - to be a doctor who can show their care through their actions, even before any medications are given.



Bonnie Lim Li Shuen (UM_MIA190019)


When I first joined Silent Mentor Program, I did not really know what to expect. I knew roughly that we would be practicing procedures on donated bodies, and at the same time learn about the gracious individuals that gave their bodies to us, but I did not expect how it would impact me as a person and as a future doctor. Learning about my mentor, Mr Ong Kim San's life and personality through his family allowed me to connect with him as a person, even though we did not have the privilege to meet in life.


When I first saw him on that table, I felt like knew him in some way. I knew that we had to treat him with the respect and care that he deserved, just as we would treat our future patients in front of us. Over the following procedures and program, through bleary tired eyes, I came to relish the quiet time spent with Mr Ong, cleaning him from the previous day's procedures, and looking forward to learning more from that day's workshop. With every incision and stitch, I felt immense gratitude towards Mr Ong, as well as the other 3 mentors who had allowed us this precious opportunity to learn from them. The clinical skills I have gleamed from this program will surely serve me well in my future career and I am blessed to have had the chance to meet these 4 amazing individuals.


No words can repay my thanks and gratitude to our Silent Mentors and their family members, who have been so supportive throughout our journey. I will always remember Mr Ong and the lesson that he taught me about the importance of compassion in medicine.



Ahmad Shahin Bin Shaferi (UM_MIA190007)


When I first entered this program, I thought that I will learn about anatomy and clinical skills. It turns out that I gain more than just that. Humanity and empathy are such a big core that were heavily valued in this program. I am so impressed of how much respect that were shown towards the donors and their family through this program. Being a medical professional, we sometimes forgot the human part of our profession and we tend to see our patients as just another disease that needed to be cured or settle. This program made me realised that my perception was far from the truth. Our patients are humans with feelings and families on theirs. For us it might be another fail surgery or procedure but for the families and friends, it’s a loss of their loved one. In this program, I saw how heartbreaking is it for the family members to saw their loved one lie cold on the bed. I hope that this program will ensure that I can deliver a better care to my patients with compassion in the future.



Chin Kang Fu (UM_MIA190022)


Getting from knowing I was selected for this precious chance of joining the Silent Mentor workshop up until the very last moment coming back to campus from the memorial park, I felt truly blessed and gratitude to have this chance to participate and learn from this Silent Mentor workshop. Before joining this workshop, I thought it would be a great medical workshop, which will benefit me for my medical experience and knowledge. But after these few weeks and went through all the workshop, I felt I might have gained some medical knowledge and experience, but what truly I had rewarded from this workshop is my own experience and my growing as I progress my way towards a medical practitioner. Silent Mentors really let me learn a lot from them, from giving us to do medical procedures and with the wish of “please make mistakes on me but promise me not to make any mistakes when you are a doctor when you are treating a patient” and let us learn on how to be a better doctor in the future. At here, I would again say thanks to all Silent Mentors and doctors, who taught me a lot and let me learned a lot, I will bring this learnings with me throughout my medical career.

Lim Sze Er (UM_MIA190059)


Remember joining Silent Mentor Program as a volunteer in my first year. Joining the send-off ceremony. I remembered I literally got teary hearing seniors sang the exact same song. 5 years later, I’m beyond blessed I’m able to join as a participant. The feelings I got, was so different. I always wonder why the seniors were so emotional during the send-off ceremony. Now I know. Being involved as a participant in this program, I’m not only being taught the hands on skills that will be essential during my intern years, also being empathy, and think of their family members while doing any decision. I think this will be my biggest takeaway from this program. I’m extremely proud of my teammates for this batch workshop, as we were all final year students preparing our final exams. Yet, we all pulled off quite nicely. Thanks everyone involved in this workshop. Helping us in and out, relentlessly.



Wong Zhi Yong (UM_MIA190512)


Cultivating humility, empathy and compassion, the Silent Mentor Program is a poignant reminder of the sacred trust bestowed upon myself as a future healthcare professional. Receiving the silent teachings of mentors, I have gained invaluable anatomical knowledge and developed a deeper understanding of the sanctity of life in medicine. The pursuit of medicine is an ongoing journey of dedication, perpetual learning and commitment to healing, both physically as well as emotionally. It is a noble endeavour marked by selflessness, exemplified by the generous donors in this program, which serves as a significant learning milestone for all medical students.



Nicholas Tan Heng Han (UM_MIA190506)


The Silent Mentor Program was an unforgettable workshop. I have benefitted greatly from this unforgettable experience. Not only did it contribute to my accrual of knowledge, it has also renewed my passion for medicine and helping others. For a few of us, it was a test of discipline as well. I’m glad I can say I did my best as a sign of appreciation towards the mentors. I will forever be grateful towards the mentors and their respective families for all they have done to accommodate this learning experience.



Shasha Zuhayra Binti Zulkarnain (UM_MIA190103)


The Silent Mentor Program provided me with a unique learning experience, offering insights and knowledge that I couldn't find elsewhere. Witnessing the sacrifices made by the mentors deeply moved me and instilled a profound respect and appreciation for their contributions to medical learning. Their selflessness and dedication have enriched my medical knowledge and inspired me to strive for excellence in my future journey as a healthcare professional.



Bill Charehn Suvanmannee (UM_MIA190018)


I’m glad that I’m part of the Silent Mentor Program. It plays a vital role in advancing medical knowledge and training future healthcare professionals. The selfless act of those who donate their bodies is truly inspiring, and your dedication to honouring their generosity with respect and professionalism is commendable. Thank you for providing invaluable learning opportunities and contributing to the betterment of healthcare worldwide.



Husain Faaiq Bin Safiullah (UM_MIA190035)


The Silent Mentor workshop was an enriching experience that I am truly grateful to have participated in. This program not only improved my skills but also rekindled my passion for healthcare and service to others. The discipline required during the workshop was indeed a challenge, but it was a worthwhile one that pushed me to grow and improve. I am deeply appreciative of the Silent Mentors who selflessly donated their bodies for us, as well as their families for their support in making this learning experience possible. Their dedication and commitment to our growth have left a lasting impact on me. This workshop has undoubtedly enriched my professional journey, and I am forever grateful for this experience.



Rachael Chin Kit Yi (UM_MIA190095)


Words can't describe how much I appreciate the opportunity that has been given by our Silent Mentors through this program. I've learnt a lot; from medical knowledge to a connection from one human being to another. The empathy, the kindness, the compassion. I've gained all these valuable knowledge and experience within a workshop. I'm glad to able to meet truly kind and selfless people who willingly to contribute to the society even in the afterlife. It's such an eye-opening experience and I believed that learning about my Silent Mentor's life story, I too learn a few things from him; to live my life to the fullest and to spread love and kindness.



Nur Aimi Nabilah Binti Zanalabidin (UM_MIA190080)


The program has been profoundly impactful, offering a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth. Working with the Silent Mentors has been humbling, teaching me not only about anatomy but also about empathy and respect in medicine. The support and guidance provided by Mr Sia and team as well as volunteer doctors have been invaluable, enhancing my understanding of medical ethics and the responsibilities of a healthcare professional. Thank you for creating such a meaningful learning experience. I am honoured to have been a part of it and look forward to carrying forward the lessons learned into my future practice.



Yap Wey Lim (UM_MIA190517)


Participating in the Silent Mentor Program has been a humbling experience, it has helped me grow not just academically but emotionally and ethically. Witnessing the selflessness of Silent Mentors and their families inspired me to approach my future career with humility and dedication to honouring the humanity of every patient. Through this program, I was also able to get to know my colleagues more in depth and exercise the value of togetherness. All in all, I am eternally grateful for this once in a life time opportunity to learn.

Loo Fui Jane (UM_MIA190061)


I’m truly grateful to be given this once in a lifetime chance to join the Silent Mentor Program as a participant. Before joining, I thought that my only role was to practice my hands on skills, however, as I slowly got involved in this program, I realized that it’s more than just hands on practice. This workshop lets me indulge into the past life of the Silent Mentors and feel the love they have transcended over time and space. Even in a short span of time, a connection is made between us and our Silent Mentor. Every day we will be there to clean our Silent Mentor’s body and learn from him, this has then made a stronger bond between us and our Silent Mentor. From being a total stranger to being a person close to my heart, it was really hard to see the sending off of my Silent Mentor. Words couldn’t describe how thankful I am to my Silent Mentor for his selfless act to donate his body for medical education. After experiencing the Silent Mentor Program, there’s this quietness and peacefulness in me. It’s a feeling that is indescribable. I really enjoyed my week in this program, hopefully this program could be continued for a lifetime so that medical students and even doctors are able to benefit from it! THANK YOU!



Janice Ko Keh Shin (UM_MIA190037)





Ch’ng Yau Lun (UM_MIA190504)


At first, being in the Silent Mentor Program, was pondered to be just attending workshops and classes. To get hands on skills. However, after joining SMP, it has made me realised that life is more than just attend classes, or just doing certain things. It has opened me. It has made me realised that life is a journey. Life is not a zero-sum game. Though the mentors, were previously never acquainted to us. However, they were willing to play such a huge role in our learning. This has built my trust and love in humanity. The whole program has been well, to teach me hands on skills and compassion.



Teo Chiu Yee (UM_MIA190120)


I am grateful to have this golden opportunity to join the Silent Mentor workshop. From home visit to the gratitude ceremony, I am thankful to be involved in the full processes. Thank you to all the four Silent Mentors. Listening to all their life stories and the reasons for becoming Silent Mentors, I promise that I will apply the skills and knowledge in my future clinical practice. Apart from learning skills and knowledge, I am also amazed with the love from the family members and the respect paid by the committees towards the family members. This workshop is really meaningful, and it plays an essential role in medicine.



Hureen Zulaikha Binti Zulkiflee (UM_MIA190034)


The program was an eye-opener for me since it was my first time witnessing different religions sending off ceremony. We also had gotten the opportunity to learn about our mentor and to connect with the family members to convey the mentor’s stories and last wishes as best as we could to everyone. On top of learning about practical skills, one extra thing I had learnt from this program is that everyone can be your teacher if you are willing to learn from them. In this field of work, for healthcare professionals, patients would be our best teachers and even when they have passed away, we were able to still learn so much from them. I am grateful for all the Silent Mentors for their selfless sacrifice. Hopefully by attending this program, it will make me a better doctor in the future with better skills and empathy.



Chong Zhen Xuan (UM_MIA190028)







Syara Nabila Binti Amran (UM_MIA190113)


The Silent Mentor Program was something I have been looking forward to for a long time. I knew roughly what it was about and was excited to join and learn some procedures that I have only been able to witness before this. I was surprised that the entire program involved us students from the start till the end, from the day our dear Silent Mentor passed on, to the day we laid him in the casket. It was truly an unforgettable experience that I am very grateful for.


Meeting the SM’s family to get to know more about him was a bittersweet experience for me, knowing we will never meet but nevertheless he had made such an impactful contribution to my journey as a medical student. As the workshop progressed, I learnt a lot from all the Silent Mentors and doctors. We were constantly reminded to respect our mentors and always started with a minute of silence. After the workshop, we were also involved in the sending off ceremony which was extremely emotional. Seeing the family members of our mentors with teary eyes and hearing they’re speeches made me realise as we were gaining so much from this, it was still a big loss for so many people. Yet, they graciously participated and even thanked us for the respect we have shown to their loved ones.


All in all, this was an experience I truly appreciate and has made me grow in many ways. I thank the Silent Mentor team who have successfully organised this event with such detail and professionalism.



Nurul Safirah Binti Norhisham (UM_MIA190092)


For the past 1 week, I had a great and eye-opening experience through Silent Mentor Program. I could not describe how grateful I am to be allowed to participate in the Silent Mentor Program. I learned to appreciate living life more. I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to mingle with family members and to get to know each other more. I think Silent Mentor Program provide a great opportunity for medical students to learn. I hope that the standard of the Silent Mentor Program would be maintained in future. Thank you again for giving me such a golden opportunity to participate.



Teng Zhi Sean (UM_MIA190523)


I have heard a lot from my friends and seniors that the Silent Mentor Program is a very memorable experience prior to joining one. I started this program with not much expectation. I just wanted to get some hands-on experience with the procedures that will be taught. However,

throughout the program, and by the end of the program, the greatest reward that I got from it wasn’t the knowledge nor the procedures that I have done. It was more on emotional reward; the connection with my Silent Mentor whom I haven’t met but felt that I knew him; the humanity and humility lessons that this program taught me to be a better and more compassion doctor in the future.

   Students Comment 學生心得

36th Silent Mentor Workshop 05-10/12/2023

Ahmad Zahin B Ozlan Izma (UM_MIA180004)


What impacted me the most was completing the power point slides. At times, the world feels like it’s moving at a snail’s pace; studying, mopping the floor, washing the dishes. Then come times that you enjoy, holidays that pass by in a blink of an eye. But at the end of the day, we all face the one certainty in life, that is, everything that lives will die and all the time we spent will come to an end. How do you put 84 years of someone’s life into 15 slides and if they had the choice, what would they have chosen to present? What would my 15 slides say after I die? We only have this one life and believe it or not, we often forget. Caught up in social media, news or plain contagious gossip that infects our minds and millions of other sources of media that confuse us and ultimately influence how we live our lives. I have found that these thoughts occupy my mind throughout Silent Mentor, I have spent more time away from media to focus on myself and my thoughts, to try and work towards a life that I would be happy to present in 15 slides. Ms Juelie has been incredibly kind to us and from a recent dinner, we learnt that this program has inspired her friends and Ms Juelie herself to pledge to Silent Mentor which reflects on how positive the experience was for her.



Nur Azri Azira Bt Johari (UM_MIA180083)


It was a busy and hectic week. Our days start as early as 5am and ends at around 11pm. Despite all this, I can’t help but feel tremendously honoured and grateful by the learning opportunities that all of us get to experience, and all of these wouldn’t be possible had we not been blessed with our selfless mentors. We were involved in this program since the very beginning, from meeting the family members to accompanying the mentors for cremation ceremony. We got to know the life stories of our selfless mentors before learning from their body. I feel like these mentors are so selfless and I appreciate them so much for providing the opportunity for us to learn. I would also like to thank Mr. Sia and other volunteers for making this program a reality. The spirit of volunteerism is truly remarkable as the works are hard and none of them are paid for it. Thank you so much.



Choon Xin Yi (UM_MIA190505)


Participating in the Silent Mentor Program has been an enlightening and humbling experience, providing me an insight on the interconnectedness of life, learning, and the profound act of selfless giving even beyond death.


The home visit to learn about the background of my mentor offered a glimpse into the life of an individual who, in their passing, became a silent guide for the medical community. Learning about their personal history, achievements, and the values they held dear fostered a sense of respect and gratitude. The initiation ceremony was a solemn occasion, a moment of acknowledgment and acceptance of the responsibilities that come with the privilege of learning from such a unique form of donation. The workshops, where hands-on learning took place, were both challenging and rewarding. Engaging with the human body in a way that transcends textbooks and digital simulations brought a sense of responsibility and reverence. Each incision and exploration became a dialogue with my Silent Mentor, a respectful collaboration in the pursuit of medical knowledge. The sending-off ceremony marked the end of this transformative journey. It was a moment of reflection and gratitude, a time to honour the Silent Mentors and express appreciation for their selfless contribution to medical education.


The Silent Mentor Program has taught me that learning extends beyond textbooks and classrooms; it encompasses empathy, respect, and a deep understanding of the human experience. It has instilled in me a sense of duty to honour the silent voices that have contributed to my education, and a commitment to approach medicine with both skill and compassion.



Khairul Amirin B Sharkawi (UM_MIA180038)


Throughout my participation in the Silent Mentor Program, from the initial home visit to the poignant closing ceremony, I have garnered a treasure trove of invaluable life lessons. While mastering various clinical skills—from intricate suturing techniques to the confident insertion of a central venous line—has been pivotal, the most profound insight has been the cultivation of empathy and selflessness.


This program has illuminated the profound notion that one can continue to benefit others even beyond life's passing. Engaging with the families throughout these experiences has underscored the paramount importance of effective communication in the realm of healthcare. The beauty of this journey lies not just in the clinical prowess acquired but in the deeper understanding of human connection and compassion.


I find myself forever indebted to my esteemed teacher, Mr. Koh Kooi Eng, and his family members, alongside the unwavering support of Mr. Sia and the entire silent mentor staff. The bonds formed between my colleagues has added another layer of richness to this beautiful experience. As I reflect on these experiences, I am filled with gratitude for the profound impact this journey has had on both my professional and personal growth.


May these lessons in empathy and selflessness continue to resonate in my approach to patient care and in my interactions with colleagues and families.



Anis Sofia Nasir (UM_MIA170010)


It was a very humbling experience where I got to learn a lot of different amazing skills along-side my friends, teachers and most importantly my Silent Mentor. I learned to be selfless and empathetic as it was clearly portrayed by our amazing Silent Mentors who selflessly donated their body for the advancement of health science and technology. The kindness and acceptance that the family showed us will forever be remembered. I would like to thank everyone that had worked so hard to turn the 36th Silent Mentor Workshop into a success and may we all use the gift of knowledge that had been obtained from this event to help more people in the future. Thank you.



Ng Yin Xuan (UM_MIA190518)


In the realm of the Silent Mentor Workshop, the influence of Mr. Koh Hooi Eng has been a guiding force, leaving an indelible mark on my path. His unspoken guidance is a beacon for my journey, and I express eternal gratitude to him and his family.


The decision of Mr. Koh Hooi Eng's family to transform their loss into a gift for the medical profession is a testament to their generosity. From the heartwarming home visit in Klang, their kindness resonated with all of us. Getting to know the intricacies of Mr. Koh's life, I found inspiration in his experiences, each detail leaving a profound impact on me.


The workshop provided a platform to enhance not only my practical skills but also deepen my anatomical knowledge through insightful sessions. This opportunity is an honour and I appreciate the selflessness by Mr. Koh Hooi Eng, shaping not just my skills but my character as well.


As I carry forward the lessons learned from Mr. Koh, his contribution becomes a quiet guide on my medical journey. His legacy, shared through this workshop, becomes a part of my own narrative which reminds me of the noble purpose in the medical profession.



Siti Nur Wajihah Bt Abdullah (UM_MIA180114)


First and foremost, I would like to thank the 36th Silent Mentor Workshop for giving me the opportunity to join. It had been the best closure to my medical schooI to be able to participate in a program that I had dreamed of being a part of since the start of my final year. I had learned a lot during this one week in terms of hands-on skills. The program had also been an emotionally and spiritually charged experience.


Humanistic values were the beating heart of the program, attributes that I was thoroughly familiarized with during the invaluable week. We started with visitations of the Silent Mentors’ family members, learning the curves and contours of the imprints that the dead had left on these people—their aspirations, identities, and livelihoods. It was a series of walks down memory lane, an exercise in compassion to lend soulful warmth to the cold bodies that we were about to dissect. Crushing grief was ever present in the conversations with the family members and friends of the dead, but so were love and fondness. These were ultimately the brushes that painted vivid pictures of the mentors and immortalized them in motion, alive. These pictures further served to remind us that the bodies were fellow humans whose veins life and all that pertained to it once had rushed through and thus deserved care and respect.


A lot of things that we learned theoretically were made clearer through the hands-on teaching of the workshop. During it, we were trained to do procedural skills such as chest tube insertion, endotracheal intubation, central line insertion, and suturing on the donated bodies, in addition to the more advanced surgical techniques. The methodical act of threading sutures, closing open wounds, and getting up close and personal to the bodies had helped instil a new level of respect for the dead in me. The program as a whole aimed to cultivate empathy and compassion, as the medical field is often riddled with mines that perpetuate disengagement or desensitisation from one’s humanity due to the inevitable nature of death. It had taught me that people’s life stories do not end with death, and our work not only involves saving the living but also upholding the dignity of the dead.


Near the end of the program, we dressed the Silent Mentors properly and according to their respective religion’s death rites. As I swathed the cold, lifeless bodies in shrouds, I reflected on the ephemerality of life and the kind of legacy I would like to leave behind when death came knocking upon my doorsteps. It was sobering and daunting, but oddly grounding at the same time. It was the highest honour to be a part of the death rites for the mentors and to walk alongside them on that last stretch of journey through life as we paid our final respect to each of them. I did not know these people personally, but the small glimpses into their lives that we had been given were enough to suffuse me with glowing warmth despite the subdued proceedings.


All in all, Silent Mentor helped us to improve our skills and confidence as future holistic doctors who also put heavy emphasis on humanistic values. All these priceless experiences were all due to the kind sacrifices of our Silent Mentors, who donated their bodies willingly and unconditionally for the good of mankind.



Chong Jie Zun (UM_MIA190026)


This one week of participating in the Silent Mentor Program has been a profoundly reflective journey on my understanding of life, death, and the intricacies of the human body. The home visit allowed us to have a glimpse into the life of our beloved mentor. We had a better understanding of him as a person, his passion for work and family, and his life motto. Even though we did not have the chance to meet him in person, I would like to express my greatest gratitude to him. He continued to be a great inspiration to us after his passing.


Through the workshops, I learned more about human anatomy and had the chance to perform hands-on procedures like chest tubes, intubation, and suturing procedures on real humans. I truly benefited a lot from this one week. However, in my opinion, the core values of the Silent Mentor Program are to instil humanity among us medical students and remind us to always treat every patient professionally. These values were not taught by any kind of textbook, yet I believe they will always remain an integral part of my medical journey.



Ras Athirah Bt Mohd Salleh (UM_MIA180103)


I thought I will never have the chance to join Silent Mentor since I was already in PRINT posting. But God knows better where He allows me to experience it before I sign out as a medical student. I’ve heard a lot about this program in term of how hectic it was, but honestly it wasn’t that bad. I enjoyed every activity in this program from the beginning which was the home visit until the end when we went to the cemetery. I didn’t just learn about medical procedures and anatomy from the mentors, but I also gained a lot of impactful exposure regarding good things that they did when they were still alive. Last but not least, to know who they were as a living human being while looking at their selfless dead body make me realize that life is short and unpredictable. It makes me appreciate people and my life more. Thank you mentors and organizers.

Khern Wei Chern (UM_MIA180136)


I was in a meditation retreat when I was told that my mentor had only a few days left. In my belief, saying a prayer to someone with a cultivated mind would yield higher merits. And that was what I did for the last 2 days before her passing.


Later on, I felt gratified by the way her family welcomed me for lunch, talked to me, and for a family photo at Xiao En memorial park. All of them were very touched by the presentation given earlier that morning. In my mind, I was thinking “If they could spend hours traveling from Penang twice for the ceremonies, equally, I would do the same for my presentation, in honour of them”.


I have learnt the spiritual fulfilment in cherishing the lives and creating a memorable experience for others, all thanks to my beloved mentor - Ms. Tan Swee Kim.



Muhammad Verka Danial B Nagi (UM_MIA180065)


I was in my hometown when I received the news from our leader that our mentor was about to reach her time. I prayed so that her end will be peaceful and as painless as it can be. 2 days after, we were told that she had peacefully passed on.


A month later, we went on a trip to visit our mentor’s family to learn more about her. Her family was very welcoming. From their story, we learnt that our mentor is very much loved and cherished by all those around her because she is kind and selfless. Following this, we prepared for the workshop.


As we go through the ceremony and finally the final presentation and sending off, I can’t help but shed some tears as the video of her last singing played at the front. How can someone who was suffering from late-stage cancer appeared so tough and keep on smiling-indeed she was a very strong warrior. May you rest in peace, Ms. Tan Swee Kim and thank you for everything you have taught us.



Chuan Yin Xin (UM_MIA190029)









Abigail Ashwini Murali (UM_MIA180002)


“One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want."


I've always wondered what it is like to be a participant in Silent Mentor. One thought of increase in medical knowledge or precision in surgical techniques. However, I was wrong. More than medical knowledge, Silent Mentor impacted me emotionally and spiritually.


Throughout the program, from visiting my mentor's family and going through the workshops, I can't help but ponder on the meaning of life and our purpose on earth. I'm especially in awe of my mentor Miss Tan Swee Kim, who selflessly gives herself in hopes to be a blessing to others. Even as her family was sharing about her charitable acts, I could sense that indeed she has a beautiful and generous heart.


As the final ceremony came to an end, I was moved to tears by the video of her singing. There was such joy in her despite the suffering she had to endure.


One key lesson that I learnt was gratitude is a virtue. Gratefulness leads to generosity. Life is short, and death is inevitable. When we cherish those little moments in life with our loved ones, we learn how to be thankful. And this act of being grateful leads us to freely and willingly use our time and ability to help others. Indeed, it is always more blessed to give than to receive.



Nandhinee A/P Nadarajah (UM_MIA180069)


I am truly grateful to be a part of this Silent Mentor Program as it was a once in a lifetime experience for me. I have known about this program through my colleagues and peers who have mentioned that they truly gained a lot of knowledge in different aspects through this program. I learnt not only the basic clinical skills but the importance of empathetic value in life. The mentors inspiring life stories and noble sacrifices have taught me to always give to our society and community in any aspects that we could. Besides, I am also grateful for the opportunity to perform and practice the procedures during the workshop. The doctors were kind and patient in teaching us the right technique although some procedures needed multiple attempts for the correct technique. I could not thank my Silent Mentors, their families, friends and the doctors enough for allowing me the amazing opportunity. I truly hope that I can become a doctor with compassion, empathy and respect for my patients. Again, thank you for making me a part of this wonderful and humbling experience.



Vaisnavi A/P Suresh Kumar (UM_MIA180127)


Silent Mentor Program is something that I have always wanted to join ever since I joined 1st year. I am more than grateful to be part of this wonderful experience in my last week in medical school. I learnt that being a doctor goes beyond the knowledge itself in this program. Being able to learn about my mentor’s life experiences as well as their reason to join this Silent Mentor Program is really an eye-opening experience to me. I am very thankful to all my fellow batchmates, juniors, doctors and also the Silent Mentor committee members who were really working together throughout the program to make it to be successful and for us to achieve our aim. My mentor is really someone I look up to and will forever remember her contribution and selfless act throughout my life. I hope that I will be able to become a good doctor and be able to help those in need in the future despite how hard things become. Thank you once again to everyone.



Nornatasya Binti Mohammad Rosli (UM_MIA180081)


In the past week, my participation in the Silent Mentor Program has been a profound and enlightening experience. First and foremost, delving into the life of my assigned mentor provided valuable insights. Her journey left a lasting impact on me, influencing my perspective on life. Beyond that, the program had a great effect on both volunteers and participants. It became clear that the shared experiences shaped us to be more empathetic. The mental and spiritual impact was definitely an experience that could not be bought anywhere. Furthermore, the program has reminded me the inevitability of death. This reflection served as a reminder to live life to the fullest. The emphasis on giving back to society and doing good in daily life became a guiding principle. The Silent Mentor Program, in just one week, not only broadened my understanding of life and death but also instilled a sense of purpose in contributing positively to the world around me. I thank everyone for the great opportunity and to the people who have helped and guided us all throughout without wanting anything in return. Thank you.



Nur Shahirah Binti Abdul Latiff (UM_MIA180086)


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the experience I obtained from the Silent Mentor Program was unparalleled. My mentor, through her phenomenal altruism and generosity, had unknowingly left an indelible mark on those of us who had the opportunity to participate in this program. She had taught all of us far beyond the medical aspect of which she had originally intended. I personally feel that I have grown exponentially in the emotional, mental and spiritual sense in the short span of a couple of weeks, a feat that was made possible, all thanks to the simple act of giving, a value which my mentor had hold dear to her, and something that I would strive to emulate as much as possible in everything that I do henceforth. I also feel that this is an invaluable experience that every medical student/professional should try to indulge in should they have the opportunity. I’m also thankful for her family for being extremely accommodating to us, and I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Mr Sia and his team, for their selfless effort in making this program the success that it is, and that many of us would not have been able to grasp this chance had it not been for their unwavering and tireless volunteerism. Thank you always!



 Wan Sahirah Binti Wan Johan (UM_MIA180129)


Throughout this journey, I have come to realize the immense power of selflessness. My mentor, Ms Tan Swee Kim even until the end of her life, exemplified selflessness in its truest form. She continued to give and give, without seeking anything in return. Her dedication to making a difference and impacting the lives of others has left an indelible mark on our hearts.


It is clear to see that my mentor is greatly loved by the people around her. Her presence has touched the lives of many, whether it be through her words, her actions, or simply by being herself. Through her life, she has inspired people to do more, to be more, and to strive for excellence in all that they do. Her legacy is a shining example of the power of love, kindness, and empathy.


In today's fast-paced world, it’s too easy to become consumed by the demands of everyday life. We often find ourselves racing from one commitment to the next, seldom pausing to contemplate the inevitable conclusion of our time on this earth. Our experience with this program has served as an important reminder that amidst the chaos of life, it is crucial to take the time to reflect on death.


This program has taught us to confront the reality of death in a meaningful way. We’ve gained a new perspective of life and we realized that every moment we are given is a precious gift. Our mentor's acceptance of her own mortality and her unwavering commitment to give to others, even in the face of suffering, has been a source of tremendous inspiration to us.


In conclusion, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the Silent Mentor Program. The lessons learned and the experiences gained will forever hold a special place in our hearts. We are committed to carrying forward the legacy of our mentor by striving to emulate her selflessness, embody her compassion, and work tirelessly to make a positive impact within the medical community and beyond.


I am deeply grateful to all the mentors, their family members and to all those who have supported us on this incredible journey. May we all be inspired to live with purpose, to love unconditionally, and to give generously, just as our mentors have shown us.

John Paul Sim Yong Ming (UM_MIA190134)


I was involved in the 36th Silent Mentor Workshop over the past week. I was not sure what to expect at the start of the program, however at the end of it, I realised how lucky and blessed I am to be a part of this program. The organiser has been very professional and helpful throughout not just to us participants but to the families of our Silent Mentors. The structure of the program was not only respectful to our Silent Mentors but allowed us to grasp and experience the human side of medicine that we often forget. We were very blessed to have formed a close relationship with the family of our mentor Mr. Tan.


The procedures we learnt during the period were also memorable, as these are procedures, we would not have had the opportunity to learn until much later in our careers. The lecturers and doctors who took the time out of their busy schedule were also very kind, patient and willing to guide us throughout the process.


Overall, the most important lesson I have learnt is not the procedures but from the life and philosophy of my mentor Mr. Tan who lived a life of giving.


Kishvan Nair (UM_MIA190045)


The Silent Mentor Program was a good learning experience I had. As a final year medical student, it has taught me how to have gratitude and the care towards others. My mentor was a hero to me as he thought of contributing to be part of medical research and to teach medical students procedures that we won’t even be able to perform until we become medical officers. I am really grateful to be part of the Silent Mentor team before I graduated. It has made me realise that I would one day want to donate my body to the Silent Mentor Program to help the upcoming medical students when I have passed away from the very Earth we walk on.


Siti Aisyah Binti Abdul Rahman (UM_MIA190107)


Silent Mentor Program has helped me to sharpen my procedural skills & anatomical knowledge. It is a once in a life opportunity to be able to practise the skills, thanks to the kindness of the Silent Mentors. To add on, learning about the Silent Mentor's background & life experiences during the home visit had taught me to be more respectful towards all patients, and to treat them as humans & not merely a diagnosis/disease.


Nurin Afiqa Md Yadi (UM_MIA190086)


I was juggling through the workshop during an extremely packed and busy schedule. The workshop just made the schedule even worse and I don't think I properly immersed myself in the emotional complexity of it until it neared its end. For me, the workshop was about learning new skill sets even after meeting the family members. I think I was too busy to have any sort of emotional attachment towards the mentor. Up until the 3rd day of cleaning and preparing the mentor, I suddenly felt a heavy sense of burden and pity towards the mentor. I realised the entire team was responsible for caring for him even after his death and that sparked a sense of gratitude I have never felt before. During the coffining session, it then really hit me, how noble my mentor was. How only the purest of hearts could donate their bodies to the medical world like this. As we walked down the hill, escorting the bodies to the bus parking area, a man in front of me said he was a potential Silent Mentor and he came here to check things out before signing up. He was very impressed and said he'll definitely sign up for it. It amazed me how the mentors continue to inspire different people at different stages of the workshop despite being silent. It is like a chain reaction, spreading kindness and selflessness.


Mohammad Qisti Khairi Bin Mohammad Rizzuan (UM_MIA190063)


Participating in the Silent Mentor Program was an eye-opening experience, merging theory with hands-on medical practice. The dedicated trainers and lecturers taught us a lot, boosting my confidence to perform medical procedures as a future medical practitioner. Navigating through various medical tasks highlighted the importance of empathy in healthcare. Witnessing the complexities of the human body deepened my understanding of the balance between science and compassion. This experience has not only deepened my medical knowledge but has also fostered profound respect for individuals who selflessly become our Silent Mentors, with a special acknowledgement to my Silent Mentor, Mr. Tan Hoi Choi. Additionally, the unwavering support from the Silent Mentor's family members played a pivotal role in the success of this program.


Sharanya A/P Mohanan (UM_MIA190102)


When I initially found out that I was going to participate in this program, I was worried about the busy schedule as I was in my final year. However, I quickly realised that, despite the workload that comes with being a medical student participant, the experience is truly worth it. This program does so much more than get hands on experience learning and practising new techniques. I managed to bond with my Silent Mentor & his family, gaining an added perspective throughout the workshops. His selfless gift has taught me the importance of understanding and respecting everyone through empathy and giving. I am truly grateful for this experience and will remember it for as long as I practise medicine.


Chngh Zi Wei (UM_MIA190024)




Lee Wen Hui (UM_MIA190052)



Lee Xiao Xuan (UM_MIA190522)


This was truly a memorable experience, although it was a busy week but it surely is a fulfilling one. Not only did I learn the basic medical knowledge and skills, I also learnt the act of giving and devotion. I would like to send my deepest gratitude to all the Silent Mentors and their family members, as they gifted us this priceless experience. Learning about the story of each Silent Mentor made me reflect on my values and purpose in life, and I hope to cherish my future and to give back to society as they all did.


Jason Colin Chieng Tze Shern (UM_MIA190039)


Silent Mentor Program made me appreciate the life of mentors. In which their noble act of providing me edification from their history, family, and body, is indeed an invaluable learning experience. It's not just about the head knowledge, but the ability to empathise, communicate, and extending patient's care inclusive of the family members. Ultimately, Silent Mentor Program instilled the attitude of acknowledging my mentors with gratitude, respect, and love.


Sarah Uzma Binti Norazmi (UM_MIA190098)


The Silent Mentor Program has indeed taught me beyond of what I expected at the beginning of the program. It was an eye-opening experience. I had the opportunity to know about our Silent Mentor during the home visit and knowing how generous and selfless person he was, I was so touched and realised that we can’t just do good when we are still breathing, but we can also continue to contribute to the society in our afterlife. I want our Silent Mentors to know that we, medical students have learned a lot from them. And their hopes to contribute to the medical world and make us better doctors are achieved and fulfilled. It was a very exhausting tiring week but the most precious one so far. Thank you to the Silent Mentor Program for this eye-opening experience.


Lakshmi Narayani A/P Valliyappan (UM_MIA190047)


Being part of this Silent Mentor Program has given me a different perspective towards learning, respect and gratitude. The opportunities and teachings to help us learn. Different forms of respect to our beloved Silent Mentor and each other. As well as gratitude for our Silent Mentor and his family members for being with us through this journey. These factors only widen the horizon in our medical career. As an individual, this experience has made me view things in a different light. I would always want to be reminded of this very opportunity to be part of this program as it has made all of us much better equipped to what has to come in this next part of our journey as medical professionals. As a medical student, my self-expectation is to be a good doctor and care for my patients with the most sincerest and kindest heart for it shall be a reflection of how my mentors have shone their wisdom in different forms such as my beloved Silent Mentor Mr. Wong. Last but not the least, I would like to say a big thank you to the organiser for giving us medical students the biggest of opportunities and guiding us throughout the whole program.


Yady Zikry Bin Yusni (UM_MIA190128)


Silent Mentor Program has been one of the special learning platform that UM had offered and to be part of it is always one of my dreams in medical school ever since I was introduced by this program when I was a first-year medical student. Throughout this program, I have learnt to know a person background better, including the family members. This one-week program was indeed hectic with me juggling between classes and other activities. Nevertheless, I appreciated the learning opportunity to perform essential procedures while at the same time feeling reassured that it is safe to make mistakes. The highlight of my learning curve through this program was to empathically revered our mentors around the clock as they have sacrificed themselves for the better future of medical fraternity.


Jemima Hii Beng Eng (UM_MIA180034)


Participating in the 36th Silent Mentor Workshop has been a deeply reflective and transformative journey, fostering a profound appreciation for the human body and instilling a deep sense of gratitude and responsibility. The experience, beyond its academic value, emphasised the human connection in medicine, urging me to approach patient care with heightened empathy and ethical consideration. Recognising all Silent Mentors as individuals who once had unique stories and experience, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank them all and their families for their selfless donation. This program shaped my commitment to compassionate and holistic patient care, leaving an enduring impact on my long journey ahead.


Yeat Nai Shan (UM_MIA190129)


As I conclude the Silent Mentor Program, I find myself reflecting on the profound impact this experience has had on my journey as a learner and aspiring doctor. Working with my Silent Mentor, who generously donated their body for educational purposes, has been an unparalleled privilege and a deeply humbling experience. Engaging in the dissection process has not only deepened my anatomical knowledge but has also instilled in me a profound sense of respect and reverence for the human body. It is awe-inspiring to think about the invaluable contribution made by my Silent Mentor, allowing me and my peers to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. This program has been a transformative journey, not just academically, but also emotionally. It has taught me the importance of empathy, compassion, and the ethical considerations that come with the pursuit of medical knowledge. Witnessing the Silent Mentor's selfless act has left an indelible mark on my understanding of the responsibilities that come with the privilege of practicing medicine.


Balqis Nur Sabrina Binti Affendi (UM_MIA190017)


The Silent Mentor Workshop was an enlightening journey. Though I never directly met the patient, their silent teachings were profound. Initially uncertain, I soon realized this unique mentor communicated differently – teaching me to observe with not just ears but also heart and eyes. Their silence spoke volumes about emotions, fortitude, and aspirations. Another heartfelt memory for me was the opportunity to witness and actively participate in a religious ceremony from a different culture. It was an experience that broadened my perspective and instilled in me a deep sense of respect and appreciation for the diversity of beliefs and traditions in the medical field. Moreover, the responsibility of leading the choreography and preparing for a performance within a tightly packed schedule was both challenging and immensely rewarding. It pushed me beyond my limits, demanding creativity, efficiency, and effective teamwork. Despite the time constraints, the collective dedication and synergy within our team resulted in a performance that reflected our commitment and passion, fostering a sense of achievement and unity among us. This experience emphasized that being a doctor transcends medical knowledge; it’s about empathizing with people’s experiences. Grateful for this unconventional learning, I thank the organizer and this Silent Mentor for teaching me empathy without words. I’ll carry these lessons, aspiring to be a more compassionate doctor.

   Students Comment 學生心得

35th Silent Mentor Workshop 19-24/09/2023

Ng Wan Xin Azalea (UM_MIA190076)


I'm very grateful to have been selected as a participant in the 35th Silent Mentor Workshop, which took place from September 19th to 24th, 2023. Over the course of this one-week workshop, my learning extended far beyond the realms of medical knowledge, encompassing the invaluable lessons of what it truly means to be a good doctor – lessons that no textbook or lecture could ever impart. The Silent Mentors themselves embody the epitome of selflessness and nobility, serving as an inspiration to us all. I extend my deepest gratitude to the families of these Silent Mentors for their unwavering support.


I am also immensely thankful to the dedicated lecturers who devoted their time and expertise, even after long hours at the hospital, to guide us throughout the workshop. Their commitment to our growth and learning is truly commendable. This week has been a profoundly memorable experience as I prepare to enter my fifth year of medical school. I am now more determined than ever to strive towards becoming a doctor who not only possesses medical knowledge but also upholds the highest moral and ethical standards, and who carries the weight of responsibility with grace and compassion.



Hong Wei Ren (UM_MIA190524)


I recently had the privilege of participating in a Silent Mentor workshop, which is a cadaver workshop for medical students. This program provided me with the opportunity to learn new procedures and anatomy, while also teaching me the importance of empathy and compassion.

As a medical student, it is essential that I learn how to perform various procedures, such as chest tube insertion, central venous line insertion, suturing, and intubation. The Silent Mentor Program gave me the opportunity to practice these procedures in a safe and controlled environment. I was able to learn from experienced lecturer and get hands-on experience with our Silent Mentors.


In addition to learning new procedures, the Silent Mentor Program also taught me about the importance of empathy and compassion. The body that we used in the workshop were donated by people who wanted to make a difference in the education of future doctors. I was humbled by their generosity and felt a deep sense of responsibility to learn everything I could from them.

During the program, we also had the opportunity to meet with the families of Silent Mentors. This was a very moving experience, and it helped me to understand the human side of medicine. I learned that patients are not just diseases or conditions; they are people with families and loved ones. This experience has made me even more committed to providing my patients with compassionate and empathetic care.


I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the Silent Mentor Program. It was a valuable learning experience that has helped me to become a better medical student. I am confident that the skills and knowledge I gained from this program will help me to provide my patients with the best possible care.



Jeremy Yeak Wei Jei (UM_MIA190509)  


Through the gifts of these mentors, I gain invaluable hands-on experience, deepening their understanding of human anatomy and the intricacies of disease. Beyond the classroom, the program fosters a profound sense of reverence for life and an unwavering commitment to patient-centered care.


The Silent Mentor Program exemplifies the enduring impact of altruism, demonstrating how the legacy of one's body can transform the practice of medicine, ultimately benefiting countless patients. It reminds me that in the quiet embrace of selflessness, lives continue to be saved and enriched.



Joshua Jeyaraj Jeremiah (UM_MIA190515)


I have just entered my 5th year in UM Medicine. I recently had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Silent Mentor Workshop, which has profoundly impacted my journey as a medical student. This experience was nothing short of transformative, offering invaluable insights and skills that I believe will shape my career in medicine.


Engaging in the program allowed me to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Many workshops have been prepared for us participants, namely: chest tube insertion, suturing, intubation and much more. Through those workshops, I was able to study human anatomy in an unparalleled depth, gaining a three-dimensional understanding of the human body that no textbook or lecture could provide. It was astonishing to witness the intricate complexities and variations of the human anatomy firsthand. 


Moreover, this program has fostered a deep sense of respect and humility within me. Working with cadavers who are known as the ‘Silent Mentors’, I was reminded of the incredible gift of life and the profound responsibility we have as future healthcare providers. It instilled in me a sense of reverence for those who have donated their bodies for the advancement of medical education, and I am committed to honouring their legacy through compassionate patient care. I have noticed that not only have we, UM Medical Students benefitted, but also many batches of Master’s students and also students from Monash University.


In conclusion, my participation in the Silent Mentor Program has been a pivotal moment in my medical education. It has deepened my anatomical knowledge, nurtured a sense of respect for the human body and the donors who enable our learning. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and look forward to applying the lessons and insights gained from this experience throughout my medical career.



Kavita A/P Thamil Chelevan (UM_MIA190135)


I distinctly remember that the reason I put Universiti Malaya as my first choice while applying for universities was for the Silent Mentor Program offered. Four years later, I found myself volunteering for the event and watched as my seniors learned from their mentors. I instantly knew that I was interested in joining as a participant myself. The experience was far greater than I expected. It taught me things I'd otherwise take years to learn and allowed me to gain the experience I wanted in a safe space. The program helped me explore my interests and hone my skills. It taught me to be disciplined, compassionate, and respectful. In every diagnosis and every care I provide in the future, my mentor's memory will live on in my heart. It is an experience I encourage everyone to participate in, and I wish the next batch to come all the best!



Lim Yue (UM_MIA190060)


I'm super grateful for the amazing experience I've had during the 35th Silent Mentor Workshop. Beyond the invaluable medical knowledge and skills I've acquired, this journey has taught me how impactful one's kind decision can be. My mentor's selfless act had allowed countless individuals like me to benefit from this experience, I will make sure that her legacy lives on through me.


Her inspiring story has ignited a deep motivation within me to continually strive for self-improvement and become a better doctor and person. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the organizing committee, lecturers, and volunteers. Without their dedication to medical education and nurturing the future generation of doctors, this workshop wouldn't have been possible. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this transformative experience. Once again, thank you.



Akmal Mukhlis Bin Abdul Sahak (UM_MIA190009)


Entering the Silent Mentor Program, there was a sudden shift in my perspective towards life. Prior to this, I have never thought of death as a way to give back to the others. I have never had the realization on how much strength one should have when they decide that they would become Silent Mentors or donate their body to the advancement of science. This all changed when I got to be under the tutelage of Madam Chia, my Silent Mentor who was the epitome of selflessness. Even though I knew her in death, she felt like a mother to me. Without a word spoken, she taught me surgical knowledge more than I ever could have learned from textbooks. Before her unfortunate passing, she asked us to pledge and become a doctor of good conscience, high morality, and responsibility in life. I made a promise to myself that I would not dishonor her and vowed to fulfil her hopes and wishes. Throughout the event, it was fascinating to learn regarding other practices and religion. Without caring about race, we see the Malaysian spirit came together. A spirit that was cultivated through good nurture and years of living harmoniously and peacefully with one and other. I truly appreciate this in a sense that, despite all our differences, deep down, we are still human. To end my reflection, I would like to thank Madam Chia again for all that she has done. In my career, I would carry a bit of her in every suture that I tied, in every knot that I shall do, and in every incision I would carve. She would be there, in spirit. Thank you, Madam Chia. May you rest in peace.



Nur Syamina Binti Nor Sazmi (UM_MIA190083)


My week in the Silent Mentor Program was truly enlightening. I gained valuable clinical skills, from mastering various suturing techniques and intubation to confidently inserting a chest tube. Getting the chance to explore the intricacies of abdominal anatomy deepened my understanding of the human body and motivate me to read up more.


Yet, what struck me most was the lesson in empathy. Interacting with family members during these experiences taught me the importance of compassionate communication in healthcare. I’m immensely grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow.



Desmond Lim Kee Juan (UM_MIA190030)


Throughout the event of Silent Mentor Program from the 19th to 24th of September 2023, I am blessed with the opportunity to be a part of these amazing turns of events under team 3 with my teammates. We have learned a lot from our Silent Mentor, Madam Ruth and other opportunities with two other Silent Mentors. I am grateful that I have been able to learn and practise compassionate care for my Silent Mentor as well as medical procedures with serve to improve myself for the near future facing other patients. In a nutshell, this was an amazing journey for the week and I would definitely recommend this event to my friends and colleagues because the experience, purpose and the gains I got was absolutely beneficial and invaluable.



Anis Khairina Binti Zulkifly (UM_MIA190014)


This Silent Mentor Program is truly a valuable experience for me which I will cherish and be forever grateful for. Throughout the whole process, I was able to learn and do all the procedures that I have never done on a real-life patient. It was an opportunity which I will never forget and thanks to our Silent Mentors for giving me that chance. Even after their passing, they are still able to benefit other people for the advancement of medicine. To our Silent Mentors, thank you for guiding us, inspiring us and helping us to be better doctors.



Tiew Win Hong (UM_MIA190516)


The UM Silent Mentor Program had been a beneficial experience for me and so much more than what I had expected. Not only did I learn valuable knowledge from my Silent Mentors and trainers, I also learned to care for and respect my Silent Mentors through the simple ritual of cleansing them every morning and evening.


They had so selflessly submitted their flesh and bone to our cuts and stitches so that we may gain knowledge for our future practice as a medical doctor. For this alone, I am forever grateful. I am also grateful to the family members who had fulfilled our mentors' wish and allowed us to learn from them. What I have taken away from this program is that there is so much more to medicine than just knowledge. There is also a human aspect to medicine, a kind of empathy, mutual respect and selflessness that my Silent Mentors have taught me and that I will strive to show my future patients too.


Lastly, a huge thanks to all our trainers and coordinators for sacrificing their nights for us, coming from as far as Taiping to teach us, while at the same time also juggling their own clinical work. I hope that I have honoured their time and effort by absorbing what they have taught me and utilising it in the future.



Chandrakumar A/L Baskaran (UM_MIA190021)


The Silent Mentor Program has been an experience that I am grateful for to have been able to partake in. Thank you to the professors and doctors who took time from their busy schedules to teach us the procedures that we will encounter in the future. Besides, being able to learn anatomy and visualise the anatomy in real time, an opportunity normally missed in the busy operating theatres.


Thank you to the Silent Mentors as well. Overall, the program has been carried out with utmost professionalism and respect to the Silent Mentors and even the medical students.


The program is definitely worth it, a highlight of the weeks leading up to the beginning of my final year as a medical student.



Si Zhao Xuan (UM_MIA190513)





Neesyal A/L S Paramisvaran (UM_MIA190074)


The Silent Mentor Program has taught me so much over the span of 1 week. I can safely say that I have grown not only in terms of my medical knowledge but also my emotions and character. This program has taught me that one can still benefit others even when they have passed and all it takes is a good heart and a noble sacrifice. As much as it was to donate their body for the benefit of us students, I understand that it must not have been easy for our Silent Mentor’s family and we are truly grateful for their willingness to participate in our program.


Apart from that, not forgetting the great amount of medical knowledge that I have gained from this workshop. The fact that I had the opportunity to get a hands-on experience is truly invaluable. This training is something that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.



Reshgi Vaishali A/P Lactmanan @ Rajan (UM_MIA180105)


To be part of the 35th Silent Mentor Workshop was truly an honour and unforgettable experience for me. It’s so impactful how just a few days can change your life, confidence and experience as a medical student and a future medical practitioner. I am so grateful to have been able to learn so much about the mentors and their families. It is definitely not easy for family members to process their grief, but the respect and comfort given through the program is something I will always cherish. I am exceptionally thankful to the mentors who have taken this noble vow for medical education. I truly made sure to learn as much as I could from the sessions and am forever grateful of their sacrifices.



Chan Junji (UM_MIA190020)



Siew Yu Xuan 萧宇轩 (UM_MIA190106)





Gerald Ser Tze Zhen 徐子程 (UM_MIA190133)


From the start of the program where we learned about the life journey of our Silent Mentor Mdm Ong from her beloved family members, to attending workshops and learning from our Silent Mentor, and finally to the gratitude ceremony, the entire experience has been extremely rewarding and memorable. Words can never express enough how grateful I am for the selfless contribution and dedication of our Silent Mentor as well as her beloved family members.





Nurfarisha Binti Ahmad Fazli (UM_MIA190084)


Madam Ong Lay Lay’s choice to dedicate her body for the benefit of medical training was a noble decision. I hope she could see from up there how impactful her contribution is, not just in training us to be better doctors but also shaping us to be doctors with compassion and empathy. Being almost my mother’s age, she reminded me that every patient is a daughter, a mother or even a sister and to always offer them with the same level of care I would do for my own mother. I am also deeply grateful to know that there are people like her who support me in this journey by dedicating their bodies for my learning and I owe it to Madam Ong Lay Lay to do my best and be a good doctor one day.



Ahmad Afif Bin Badrol Hisham (UM_MIA190006)


Participating in the Silent Mentor Program, where Madam Ong Lay Lay generously donated her body for medical education and research, was an incredibly humbling experience. Witnessing the selflessness of Madam Ong and her family in contributing to medical learning left a profound impact on me. It emphasized the invaluable role of donors and their families in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care. Through this program, I gained a deeper understanding of human anatomy, physiology, and the intricacies of medical procedures. It allowed me to appreciate the immense responsibility and respect that came with working in the medical field. I am immensely grateful to Madam Ong and her family for this opportunity, which has further fueled my determination to pursue a career in medicine with a profound sense of empathy, reverence, and dedication to the well-being of others.



Rachel Sim Pei An 沈佩安 (UM_MIA190140)


在医学界里,无可否认拥有同理心是做一名好医生的主要条件。通过《无语良师计划》,尤其家访与送别仪式,我有幸认识无语良师,不止为一个病人,而也以一个妈妈、一个妻子、一个朋友的身份去了解她。无语良师为了我们的医学教育而自愿牺牲自己的大体, 遗爱人间,千言万语也无法表达我们发自心底的感激。同时也非常感谢无语良师的亲戚朋友一直以来对这个计划的支持,这伟大的奉献我将铭记在心。



Lee-Boey Xiu Wen, Saraphina 李梅绣文 (UM_MIA190054)


The Silent Mentor Program has taught me to be grateful, not just to the donors, but also to the doctors who taught us, and the volunteers who sacrificed their time to ensure that the program ran smoothly.  The importance of each role in this program gave me an insight to my future as a doctor, where teamwork, communication and understanding one another is required.  Besides, I have learned to be more empathetic.  Madam Ong Lay Lay's life story touched me deeply, as to how she would always find ways to help those around her, even in her passing.  The reminders from Madam Ong Lay Lay's friends and family will surely stay with me always.  "Be a good doctor in the future".



Nur Diana Binti Suhairi (UM_MIA190081)


This program is a valuable experience for me as a medical student and I will remember the knowledge and values gained throughout this experience. I have great admiration for Madam Ong Lay Lay, our Silent Mentor for her selfless act. She is truly our noble teacher. I have learned a lot through this program in which I would not be able to if not for Madam Ong Lay Lay’s generosity. I realize how important it is to be a good and safe doctor, as many patients are depending on us for the goodness of their health. I was touched when Madam Ong’s friend was inspired by her selfless act and wanted to follow in her footsteps by joining this program as well. I realize how Madam Ong has been the biggest inspiration to many of us even after her passing. If I was in her shoes, I am not sure if I can do the same thing. Thank you to Madam Ong Lay Lay and her family for granting us this opportunity to learn.



Priyanka A/P Sekaran (UM_MIA190094)


Prior to the workshop, I had an immense fear of the emotional impact this Silent Mentor will have on me in regard to working with a cadaver. However, I am glad that I was proven wrong. Madam Ong Lay Lay alongside the other 2 mentors actually provided me with comfort throughout the entire process. I was once again reminded that the hands, attitude and demeanor of a doctor is one of the most powerful things in the life of a sick patient. Even without words, a living heartbeat, or the ability to breathe, these mentors have been one of the greatest teachers I have ever encountered. This cadaveric workshop is an intense, emotional, and intellectually enriching experience like no other. It instills a deep respect for donors, offers invaluable educational opportunities, and shapes participants in profound ways. It's an experience that can stay with you throughout your professional journey, serving as a reminder of the human side of medicine and healthcare. I would like to once again thank all the Silent Mentors and their families for providing me with such an invaluable experience.

   Students Comment 學生心得

34th Silent Mentor Workshop 21-26/02/2023

Chong Yaw Guang 張耀廣 (UM_MIA180018)











Lim Zhan Foong 林展锋 (UM_MIA180137)





Nuriza Desy Binti Zainal Lim (UM_MIA180092)


I am beyond grateful for the chance and opportunity given for me to participate in this silent mentor program. It was once in a lifetime experience for me. Even though it has been a very busy week, i learnt a lot during the workshop.I was able to practice my suturing skills and also building up my confidence in doing all these invasive procedures. From beginning to the end of this program I felt very emotional and was overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift our mentors gave in order to help us learn. I think it is very noble of those mentors who contribute to the society even after the end of their life. I am forever thankful for them and i hope to become a caring loving yet a safe doctor in the future.



Rabiatul Adawiyah Binti Rashdi (UM_MIA180102)


Words are never enough to express how grateful, and how thankful I am to be given the opportunity to participate in the 34th Silent Mentor. It was such a humbling yet an amazing experience for me, seeing how selfless the silent mentors are, whom still contributes even after the end of their life.


I also wanted to highlight that this program is nothing like I have ever experienced- learning from medical textbooks and lectures, practicing on mannequins are really nothing compared to the feeling and the experience gained while performing skills or learning from the silent mentors.


This program helped to boost my self-esteem and confidence in performing medical/surgical skills and it made me feels prepared and adequate as a final year medical student going into housemanship soon.


To the Silent Mentors, thank you for willing to dedicating your body for the betterment of medicine, and for helping me to grow to become an aspiring doctor.



Elisya Munirah Binti Eme Arizal (UM_MIA180028)


My experience taking part in Silent Mentor programme was a valuable one and I will be forever grateful to be given the opportunity to be a part of it. My time in Silent Mentor has been a valuable and humbling experience.  Each day starts and ends with us caring for our mentor, ensuring that the faith entrusted by the mentors and their families to us are met with the utmost respect and care. And in between that, we had the opportunity to practise and learn skills that we otherwise would not have been able to do. Our mentors graciously allowed us to learn from them, giving us the opportunity to correct our errors and train to become skilled future doctors. I hope to one day become a competent doctor and indirectly return the favour that our mentors gave by providing the best possible care to all patients. Medical school taught me the science and skills to save a life, but as a doctor, such knowledge is just one part of the puzzle. In treating a patient, we must approach them with empathy, respect, and compassion. This silent mentor programme has helped me learn how to bridge the gap between the science of treating a disease and the skills of treating a soul. Therefore, we are forever grateful for the sacrifices of our silent mentors.



Eileen Chin Siew Man (UM_MIA180502)







Khisshen Raj A/L S.Alagappan (UM_MIA180039)


This Silent Mentor programme has truly been a once in a lifetime event for me. When I first got accepted into the program, I was delighted as there were limited spots available. I had great expectations on how this program would enlighten me on the basic clinical skills and procedures. However, it has blown away my expectations out of the park. It was a completely unique and holistic approach from start to finish involving the lives of Silent Mentors, taking good care of them each morning, having close relationships with family members, a gratitude ceremony and the final farewell ceremony. It was all fantastically structured in a way that we students truly understand and appreciate the Silent Mentors and their noble contributions to the medical field. This program has not only allowed me to be more comfortable in doing procedures but has also allowed me to become a better caring, and compassionate doctor by treating the patients as human beings rather than the disease alone. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and will never forget the noble sacrifices made by our mentors in this 34th edition of Silent Mentor programme.



Vra Sashti Tharanni Ravindran (UM_MIA180128)


Silent mentor programme to me is a life changing experience that I'll forever cherish. I learnt not only medical knowledge but also learnt the importance of caring for our mentor and thanking them for their noble sacrifices. Being a part of the gratitude ceremony and the cremation ceremony felt like a proper farewell bid to our mentors. I am also very grateful for the doctors who were very patient and kind in teaching us the procedures although some had to be repeated many times for us to finally correctly perform the procedures. I cannot thank our silent mentors, their families and the doctors enough for allowing us to be a part of this heart touching, humbling experience. I hope that I can pay them back by becoming a great doctor and fulfilling their final wishes which I promise to do so. Thank you once again. Words cannot thank you all enough.



Ahmad Ikhwan Mohd Azali (UM_MIA180003)


This programme was the most valuable experience I have experienced so far throughout my medical school. Definitely an eye-opening and life-changing experience. It changes my perception towards death. This one-week programme really emphasise that we need to see and perceive a patient as one whole human being, with their own personal stories, baggages, personalities and family members. My gratefulness towards late Madam Tan Bee Eng and her family members is beyond description. I can only imagine the emotional roller coaster that the family need to go through from the beginning until the end of this programme. I would also like to thank everyone that has made this programme a successful and a well-structured one.

Lim Zheng Xian (UM_MIA180049)









Ong Rui Yan (UM_MIA180512)


I sincerely appreciated for having the opportunity to participate in the 34th silent mentor workshop. The experience was deeply reflective and left a profound impact on me. Silent mentorship is a unique program in which the body of a deceased person who donated their body to science is used for medical education and training. The program is an important way to honor the donors’ lives and their contribution to medical education.


Initially, I was nervous about the experience. I had never been in close proximity to a human cadaver before, let alone one that had been donated for medical education. However, the workshop facilitators provided a safe and respectful environment that allowed us to approach the experience with reverence and dignity.


As the participants of the workshop, we involved ourselves throughout the program by first visiting the silent mentor’s family members to know more about them. We learned about their lives and their reasons for donating their bodies to science. It was a humbling experience to realize that we were about to embark on a journey of learning from individuals who had given their bodies to us in the hope that we could use their gift to improve patient care.


The hands-on experience of working with the silent mentors was both challenging and rewarding. We were guided through a series of exercises that allowed us to observe and learn from the silent mentors in front of us. We were encouraged to explore, touch, and feel the structures of the human body, and to appreciate the intricacies of the human anatomy. We could have the opportunity to perform some procedures on the patient such as ETT intubation which was very fruitful to me.


As I reflect on this experience, I am struck by the importance of empathy in medicine. It is easy to become lost in the technical aspects of medical care and to forget the human beings behind the diagnoses and procedures. As my silent mentor left a video for us, mentioning the sickening attitude of the medical professionals towards the patients was really hurting and disappointing and he hoped that we would be a caring doctor rather than a smart doctor. Working with the silent mentors reminded me that each person we encounter as healthcare providers has a unique story and a rich history that shapes their health outcomes. It is our responsibility to honour and respect these stories and to use our skills and knowledge to improve patient care.


In conclusion, the silent mentor workshop was a profound and humbling experience. It provided me with a unique opportunity to learn from individuals who had given their bodies to science and to reflect on my own values as a future healthcare provider. I am grateful for this experience and I will carry the lessons I learned forward into my medical practice.



Ngio Hua Yi (UM_MIA180073)


Cleansing of the Silent Mentors was one of the tasks we did almost every morning during the Silent Mentor Programme, biologically it was no easy task to disrupt my circadian cycle waking up when the sun is yet to be in the sky and follow through with other responsibilities throughout the day until midnight. Thus, this felt as a responsibility to be completed rather than a spiritually fulfilling mission, scrubbing in with gloves and scrubs, carefully cleansing our mentor, and preventing disease transmission. The cadaver felt like a specimen to me. It was only till the initiation where the missing piece was found, the stimulus through my eyes and ears created a domino of biochemical reactions in my brain and everything started to make sense. As we revealed the silent mentor’s face (mentor was well-groomed by us mentees) to the mentor’s family members, instinctively the family members burst into tears, rushed to the mentor and caressed the mentor without gloves, PPE or whatever protective measures we students use to protect our own safety. That’s the moment of enlightenment where our cadaver comes to life in my mind’s eye. Our mentor too is someone’s husband who shares a bed every night and brings bread to someone’s table. He too was someone’s father who taught offsprings the way to negotiate through the twists and turns of life. He too might be the only one in the family who knows how to fuel a car at the petrol station. It is the people around us who gave us meaning in life during this ephemeral lifetime, and we can only continue to live on within them as our genes continue to be passed down and mutated one generation at a time. Though I signed up to be scientifically enlightened (which of course I did with the help of passionate mentors and trainers whom I deeply appreciate), I was enlightened more on the value of life and how time is the only currency that really matters.



Logaraj A/L S. Muthu Kumar (UM_MIA180050)


The silent mentor program was a life changing experience for me as it helps me develop the humane aspect of me as a medical student, which no book can ever teach. This experience was larger than life because it showed that even after your last breath, you’re still providing service by donating your body for the purpose of learning for us in the field of medicine. This noble act is the reason why many of us were able to harness our skills and have early exposure on skills which are necessary for us as future doctors. These mentors were once people who lived lives like ours, and now they’re no more, yet, they’ve turned into our silent mentors, providing us with the greatest knowledge and experience no book can ever give. Hence, this wholesome experience had taught me that the human body is only temporary yet, their emotions and services will last a lifetime to those involved. With that, I’m very much thankful to everyone involved in the silent mentor program, especially the mentors for making this experience a life changing one for all of us so that we’ll be more compassionate and loving doctors in the future.



Dhivyah Ilengoven (UM_MIA180024)


Taking part in silent mentor program was without a doubt a life changing experience. It taught so much. Medically I was exposed to hands on teaching like never before, being able to appreciate real anatomy and being able to do procedures has made me more confident in my medical knowledge. However, my biggest lesson was beyond just medical knowledge. Knowing my mentor, and his family, and his timeless selflessness has changed my view of life. I wish to be as selfless as him. I will be forever grateful to all the mentors and their families. This was a very well-organized program, thank you to Mr Sia and the silent mentor team as well. I hope to be able to contribute to the program in the future.



Ammar Hariz Bin Ahmad Razmy (UM_MIA180007)


The Silent Mentor Programme was a short but impactful workshop which has opened my eyes to the humbleness and willingness of our mentors to donate their bodies in the name of science. I am utmost grateful to my mentor, Mr Chan, for allowing me to take care of him for a period of time, and being the last few people to be with him before his body physically leaves this world. I will cherish this experience to the highest and will apply all knowledge obtained for my career in the future. I am grateful to Mr Chan's family members, my group mates, coordinators, and each personnel involved in making this workshop a success.



Nazlin Adlina binti Mohd Mahyudin (UM_MIA180071)


The silent mentor programme was an experience to be remembered for a lifetime. No amount of money could replace what was learned. It was humbling and enriching. While it was exciting to sharpen new surgical skills and reinforce old ones, I was more grateful to be able to learn what it is like to be a compassionate and benevolent doctor; something that you cannot get out of reading medical textbooks.

Phoon Leon (UM_MIA180099)









Abdullah Azzam Bin Tengku Sidek (UM_MIA180001)


When I heard about this program 5 years ago when I was a First Year, I was so intrigued by it. It sounded like and looked like a really nice program for us medical student to have the opportunity to learn hands on about all the procedures to be performed by doctors later when we become one. After going through medical school, I always heard about junior doctors being incompetent on doing some of the procedures, not because they are not smart, but they did not have the opportunity to learn the procedures beforehand. So, by having the silent mentor program, I was able to learn the procedures first hand and be a more competent Doctor in the future.


But that is not all that I have learnt during this program. I learn the humanity side of life, of what it actually means to be a doctor and a human being. I learn the true meaning of being selfless, where all my mentors have taken the ultimate sacrifice so that us medical student a.k.a future doctors can learn better hence be able to treat our future patients better. Why is this such true selflessness? Because the silent mentors made the sacrifice to teach us not for us to be able to treat them better but be able to treat everyone else who they don’t even know better. Lastly, from all the stories I’ve learned from the mentors, I have learned to be a compassionate Doctor, and be mindful of everyone’s feelings as we, the Doctors play a big role, not just treating patients by giving medicines but also by providing comfort to the patients and their family members.



Megat Hilman B Megat Osman (UM_MIA180054)


The program allowed me to connect to our mentor in ways closer than I have ever had with the patients I’ve met. Throughout the program, I felt more and more connected to Madam Wong, and I am utterly grateful for her contribution. This experience cannot be obtained elsewhere, and we have her to thank in helping us become more capable doctors for our country.



Muhamad Mirza Azri B Dzulzalni (UM_MIA180058)


I have had the honour of participating in the Silent Mentor Programme conducted at the University of Malaya. This program is not just a surgical workshop but a workshop that teaches students the meaning of volunteerism. Our teachers have graciously donated their bodies for us to learn from so that we may one day become competent doctors. Throughout this process, I was able to learn about the story of my mentor Madam Wong Yoke Keng who was an inspirational person in life and even in death continues to give back to others. Her time one this Earth may have been short, but she has left her mark in the hearts of all those who have had the pleasure of knowing her. Our patients are not just bed numbers, diagnosis, interesting cases or jobs to Passover, our patients are people with beautiful lives and meaningful stories, and that is the most important lesson I take away from this workshop. Sincerely, thank you Madam Wong.


Am also grateful to my group members who have been so amazing despite us having to wake up early for so many consecutive days on top of having our typical posting schedules. Thank you, friends!



Naarenthiran M Vellupillai (UM_MIA180067)


The silent mentor program is probably one-of-a-kind experience in University of Malaya. Not only it serves as a basic platform to medical students to train surgical procedures, but it also encourages students to be compassionate and treat their patients as fellow human beings.

My mentor in particular was a kind, generous and wise woman. She was both aware about poverty and the climate crisis. She has been a big advocate for the Tzu Chi community and has worked as a finance officer there under the sponsorship bureau. She was an active recycler and cared a lot for the environment too.

Via this program, I learnt that every human being is significant and carries a huge part in the community. We may not be blood related well at least not from the known generations but the impact that we bring about to each other is significant, whether being a sanitary worker or being the prime minister.



Lok Jia Qi 骆佳琦 (UM_MIA180506)




有幸认识玉琼老师和其他老师们。在你们的身上,我不仅仅得到了许多课本上得不到的实践机会,我还看到了真切且不求回报的大爱精神。“春蚕到死丝方尽 蜡炬成灰泪始干” 到了生命的尽头,你们依然想着如何为社会做出贡献;在仅有的人生岁月里,你们依然想着为下一代培育良医。记得一位老师的遗言中提到因曾在医院遭遇不公平的对待而希望通过自身来栽培仁心仁术的医师。每当听到这些对医生不满的控诉,除了感到抱歉以外,我也默默下定决心不要成为他们口中那样的医生。







Ho Ming Hui (UM_MIA180508)


有幸于2023年二月份参与第三十四届无语良师工作坊,这将成为我医学生涯中刻骨铭心的一次体验。记得五年前刚踏入大学,第一次当志愿者 因而接触到这工作坊,那时候就觉得有机会一定要参与这项活动,好好学习。经过这一个星期的工作坊,的确增加了不少新知识。然而,更让我有所领悟的,是作为一个人 和一位好医生 该有的正确态度。透过家访,我们从大体老师的家人中得知他们生平。身为平凡人的他们,并不凡。在生命的尽头 选择捐赠大体,只为了让医疗界的我们有更好的学习机会,以便将所学的 他日回馈社会。这一个星期,每每看见大体老师上的伤疤日渐增加,我都提醒自己 一定要当个好医生。不仅是治疗疾病,病人与家属需要更多的是真切的关怀与理解。





Reggina Chong Syin Tze (UM_MIA180521)


The Silent Mentor Program has shaped the way I view life and death.


Death is not to be feared as it is closely intertwined with life. During life, my silent mentor made the bravest decision to pledge her body after death; it taught me that even after death, you can contribute to a greater good and leave an impact on people, even those you've never met.


The gesture touched my heart because their kindness and love were boundless and pure. The entire experience was eye-opening and had reminded me of my passion in medicine to serve, to help, to heal with love, respect and empathy.


Thank you to the silent mentors, their families, volunteers, lecturers, staff and colleagues for this wonderful program; it would not have happened without each and everyone of you.



Lau Jin Mei (UM_MIA180042)









Tan Jia Kai 陈嘉凯 (UM_MIA180118)


I am pretty sure that almost all medical students in UM would know about Silent Mentor Program after starting medical school here for some time, but the full experience of participating in this workshop was so much different than what I imagined. Weeks prior to the workshop, we were already divided into our respective groups for the purpose of conducting home visits to the families of our respective mentors. Some of these families had only just recovered from the recent passing of their loved ones but were still happy to give us a warm welcome upon arrival. That friendliness and open attitude throughout the sharing session regarding the mentor’s life story was one of the more humbling moments of this program for me. It gave me a new perspective towards the practice of medicine, reminding me that every patient is part of a bigger social structure and therefore should be treated with care and accountability. I would like to give thanks to the workshop organizers, coordinators, lecturers, volunteers, participants and of course, to our mentors and families for making this program a success and priceless learning experience for us.



Liew Chao Jie 刘潮劼 (UM_MIA180046)


还记得作为新生,一位学长送给了我这一句:“不忘初心 方得始终”。当时觉得老掉牙的语句,几乎每个人都听过,现在回想,不禁感叹 “初心易得,始终难守”。“不忘初心” 原来是那么的沉重。















Puvaanan A/L Periyasamy Mohan (UM_MIA180101)


Completing the Silent Mentor Program was an incredibly humbling and eye-opening experience for me. I had the opportunity to learn from the selfless gift of individuals who had donated their bodies to medical education and research, and it was a privilege to be a part of this remarkable program.


One of the most important lessons I learned during this program was the importance of compassion and empathy in medicine. It was easy to get caught up in the technical details of anatomy and physiology, but at the core of the Silent Mentor Program was a deep respect and appreciation for the individuals who had donated their bodies to help us learn.


I was struck by the thoughtfulness and generosity of the silent mentors and their families, who had made the difficult decision to donate their remains for the benefit of others. It made me realize the importance of treating each patient with compassion and respect, and to always remember that there is a human being behind every medical case.


Another important lesson I learned was the value of teamwork and collaboration in medicine. Throughout the program, I had the opportunity to work with other medical professionals and students from my batchmates. We shared our knowledge and experiences and worked together to develop a deeper understanding of the human body and its functions. Besides, we also get to learn different medical procedures such as intubation, suturing, chest tube insertion, urinary catheter insertion, administration of drug in chemo port, tibial plating and Pfannenstiel incision.


Finally, completing the Silent Mentor Program reinforced my commitment to lifelong learning and professional development. The program showed me that there is always more to learn, and that even the most experienced medical professionals can benefit from continuing education and training.


In conclusion, completing the Silent Mentor Program was a truly transformative experience for me. It helped me develop a deeper understanding of the human body and its functions, and reinforced the importance of compassion, empathy, teamwork, and lifelong learning in medicine. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from the silent mentors and their families, and I will carry their lessons and legacies with me throughout my career.



Loh Hui Jee 罗慧琪 (UM_MIA170057)


I am extremely grateful for this opportunity given by the Silent Mentor Program. This is truly a unique and valuable initiative that provides medical students the opportunity to learn from the bodies of mentors who have selflessly donated their bodies to medical education. This program has taught and trained us skills that we have learnt theoretically only and would not be able to practice physically during medical school. After the program, I realized there was a vast difference between theoretical imagination and real-life hands-on experience. I had a deeper understanding of the anatomy and physiology taught in lectures previously and thus improve my diagnostic ability and clinical skills. The lecturers that taught us the anatomy and procedural skills were very knowledgeable, kind and patient and I would like to thank them for willing to volunteer in this program. This program has also made a huge impact and made me reaffirm the importance of treating our silent mentors with dignity and respect, ensuring that they are handled with care and sensitivity. This experience has fostered a greater appreciation of the human body and the importance of treating patients with empathy and respect.



Roovam A/P Balasubramaniam (UM_MIA180107)


I am honored that I was able to participate in the 34th Silent Mentor Program which was an experience of a lifetime to me. This program taught me things my medical textbook did not such as the compassion, kindness, selflessness and sacrifice. All this while, we could only read or watch YouTube videos on how certain procedures are done which is nothing compared to actually performing them. The two main station that caught my attention the most was intubation and chest tube insertion as these procedures are so complex and vital to be done correctly and as quick as possible to save a patient’s life. Without this program and our selfless silent mentors, I would be performing these living saving procedures for the first time on a real patient not knowing if what I am doing is right or wrong. The thought of that is very scary! The doctors that conducted the workshop were very well equipped with the knowledge and was able to guide us step by step. This workshop also motivated me to work on my procedures skills so that I will be a better doctor in the future. Besides that, I really like how every morning we had to clean and prepare our silent mentors. Doing this every day, makes me feel very close to my mentor. Even though I did not know her very well, sending her off on her final journey was very difficult. I am very thankful for this opportunity and very grateful to my silent mentors. I will always remember and carry with me what I’ve learnt from this program both knowledge and spiritually for the rest of my life. 



Iman Bamadhaj Binti Omar (UM_MIA180032)


No experience in my (almost) 5 years of degree has ever come close to what I have experienced in the past week. I was given the opportunity to perform procedures first-hand and I know, nothing beats learning than seeing them outside of textbooks and performing them; as experience is something you can’t simply forget. This was my first time ever joining a program like this and it has been a humbling experience to say the least; that one minute of silent prayer that we do every time before we get to cleaning our mentors served as a reminder that our mentors were someone’s mother, someone’s brother, someone’s daughter.


To be able to contribute and entrust their bodies in our care even after their deaths is not something everyone can do. And for that, we express our utmost gratitude to all of our Silent Mentors and their family and friends. Just know that there was so much more that we’ve learned throughout this workshop than just acquiring surgical skills. Through our Silent Mentors, I’ve learned respect, compassion, empathy, and love. Through them, I’ve learned to see patients beyond their diseases, to see them as an individual who has a life outside of the consultation rooms and not just another case from a textbook. They may be silent but their silence spoke the loudest.


I dare to make a promise; to promise that I will try my very best to apply the values that I’ve gained from this experience to become good doctors and I will make my Silent Mentor proud.



Siti Sholihah Binti Azmi (UM_MIA180116)


Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to join this Silent Mentor Program. At first, due to the intense competition with others to participate in this program, I decided to leave it to fate whether I get to join this program. At that moment, I did not feel any regret if I were not able to join this program, however, now I feel very lucky and very grateful that I was able to join it in my final year. Silent Mentor really opened my eyes in so many ways that no textbook can ever do. Clinical skills were taught by the doctors do helps me implementing what I learn from my textbook, but important qualities like empathy and passion are priceless lessons gained for my journey as future medical practitioner. Thank you again for introducing me to this program. Last but not least, thank you to our Silent Mentor Madam Chan who sacrificed a lot to teach us medical students even if we never met face to face previously.



Myasara Binti Mohd Riza (UM_MIA180066)


It was definitely an experience I cannot forget. Apart from learning to do procedures on the mentors, I learnt the importance of respect. From handling the mentors as we received them at the Silent Mentor Centre to participating in the confining ceremony, we were taught to handle our mentors with utmost care. These lessons are very valuable as we learned it through experience we gained from this program. Our mentors are no strangers as they have become a part of our lives. Bits and pieces of their lives will forever embed in our memories until the end of time. They have left a massive impact in our lives as well as the medical field. Thank you, mentors!