Cash Donation 捐款

Donation in cash is tax-exemptible pursuant to Sub-section 44 (6) of 1967 Income Tax Act under Ref. LHDN.01/35/42/51/179-6.0860. Donation may be made via channel as follow:

Electronic Fund Transfer via e-pay:-

1.   Access

2.   Click "Log Masuk" on the right side of the web page.

3.   Log in using Facebook or Google Account or click "Pendaftaran Baru".

4.   Click "Kemaskini Profil" to update:

      (i)     Nama

      (ii)    Kategori Pengenalan - Kad Pengenalan / Paspot / SSM

      (iii)   No. Pengenalan

      (iv)   Alamat / No. Telepon / Alamat emel

      (v)    Click Setuju Polisi Privasi & Polisi Sekuriti button

      (vi)   Click "Kemaskini" button  

5.   Click "Utama" on top of the web page.

6.   Scroll down the web page, you will see "Senarai Bayaran". Click "Derma".

7.   Look for "Derma - Fakulti Perubatan" & click "Silent Mentor Program".

8.   Under Maklumat Bayaran, fill in below:

      (i)    Jumlah Bayaran: Key in amount in RM

      (ii)   Keterangan: Key in "Donation"

      (iii)  Bayaran Bagi Pihak Ketiga: Click "Ya" or "Tidak".

             If "Ya" is clicked, key in Third party Name & Mykad Number.

      (iv)  Click "Seterusnya". 

9.   Under Maklumat Pembayar, check correctness of detail & click "Ya" & "Seterusnya".

10. Under Pengesahan Pembayaran, confirm detail keyed in & click "Seterusnya".

11. Under Buat Bayaran, Select Payment Method - Credit/Debit Card or FPX.

12. Follow on-screen instructions to complete the payment electronically.

13. Print or save the e-receipt generated by portal for your safe keeping.

14. If tax-exempted receipt is required, kindly email ( or Whatsapp                    (019-2826608) the e-receipt generated by portal to Silent Mentor Centre.

      A tax-exempted receipt will be sent to donor subsequently by electronic channel for tax                        declaration purpose.    



Please contact us if you have further inquiry.  如您有任何疑問,請 聯繫 我們。